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September 15, 1960     The Ritzville Adams County Journal
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September 15, 1960

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Page 2--Ritzville, Wn., Journal-Times, Thur., Sept. 15, 1960 Th 28th Annual Adams County Fair Is Record Hun:l.reds of blue ribbons and other premiums and prizes were awarded at the 28th annual Aaams county' fair Friday and Saturday in Ritzville. The Journal-Times attempted to get a complete list of the blue ribbon winners in each of the departments. But because of the busy two-days of activi- ties. some persons might have been overlooked Who deserve recognition along with those per- sons mentioned on this page. Fair board president Bob Langenheder said this week that money premiums for the ribbons will be in the mail within two weeks. The fair board met Mon- day evening to distribute the pQints among the several de- partments. A list of the department prizes follows: Children's Show Girls' foot races, eight years and underl. Susan Schwisow: 2. Barbara Heimbigner; 3. Gall Teske. 12 years and under--1. Helga Graf; 2. Lorna Kutschkau; 3. Judy Eckhardt. 16 and under --1. Helga Graf; 2. Lorna Kut- schkau; 3. Margaret Baumann. Boys' foot races, eight and un- der-1. Mort Thaut; 2. Mike Koch; 3. Larry Tufts. 12 and un- der, first heatl. Jerry Jaeger; 2. Pete Reimers; 3. Greg Taylor. Second heat--1. Tony Vostrah 2. Lynn Schoessler; 3. Bruce Ben- zel. Third heat--1 Elton Leisle; 2. Steve Buhl; 3. Jeffery Selcho. 16 and under--1. Ken Anderson; 2. Doug Hille; 3. Rod Grewell. Girls' bicycle race, standard 12 and under, 1. Helga Graf; 2. Karen Tally; 3. Lexie Danekas. 16 and underml. Margaret Bau- mann; 2. Helga Graf; 3. Christy Kiehn. Boys' bicycle race, standard-- 10 and under, 1. Shaunn Cross; 2. Roger Buehler; 3. Stanley Haemmelmann. 12 and under--1. Jerry Tally; 2. Dave Buehler; 3. Ricky Seim. 16 and under. 1. Rod Grewelt; 2. Mike Buehler; 3. Allen Hilzer. Boys' geared bicycle race any age, 1. Greg Taylor; 2. Punky Arlt; 3. Leslie Allert. Girls' sack race---12 and un- der. i. Lorna Kutschkau; 2. HeN ga Graf; 3. Debbie Jansen. 16 and under--1. Helga Graf; 2. Lorna Kutschkau; 3. Valeri Dehnel. Boys' sack race---10 and un- der, 1. Kevin Weyer; 2. Randy Moore; 3. Terry Schafer. 12 and underl. Pete Reimers; 2. Elton Leisle; 3. Brian Miller. 16 and under--1. Ricky Hanson; 2. By- ron Wagner; 3. Ron Danekas. Girls' three-legged race---12 Baked Foods Open class, blue ribbons-- Shirley Killingsworth, banana nut bread; cookies, Mary Kay Stromberger, Mrs. Ed Thorn, 2, Judy Jansen, Shirley Killings- worth, Kathy Bierman. Jeanne Benzel. Marie Snyder, divinity. Mrs. John Hoffman, rolls; Vickie Lenhart, Barbara Heim- bignbr, Beth Van Slyke, 2, Ed- die Dene Haight, cake; Mrs. John Hoffman, whole wheat bread; Mrs. John Hoffman, rye bread. 4-H class, blue ribbpns--coo:- ies, Kathy Thaut. Marjorle Neaqe, Beverly Heinemann, Bar- bara McGarry, Bonnie Graber, Nancy Schumann. Sharon Pflu- grth, Nina Thoe, Micki Sanger, Beverly Heinemann. Barbara Watson, Cheryle Fode. Susan Heimbigner, Patty Mitchell, Hazelynne Telecky, Shirley Kil- lingsworth, Kathy Rogel, Lona Schumaker. Terry'Allert, Kathy Bierman and Roxanne Haight. Rolls, Brenda Barnes; bread, Russell Burroughs; coffee cake, Beth Van Slyke; cake, Eddie Dene Haight. Marcia Schafer, Beverly Heinemann and Beth Van Slyke; pie, Edlu Thorn. FHA class, blue ribbons--muf- fins, Beth Ann Stromberger; cof- fee cake, Kathy Eckhardt; cake, Barbara Heimbigner and Jaice Deking; nut loaf, Sue Webb and Janice Low. Cookies, Sue Webb, Betty Johnson, Cheryle Greenwalt of Odessa, Patti Kettelson, Linda Luiten, Karen Johansen, Judy Jansen, Beverly Kison, Karen Thom and Laura June Wells; rolls, Diane Templin, Sue Webb and. Jeanne Pfann. Handicraft Open class, blue ribbons--Mrs. Pat Jennings, Bonnie Little, Mrs. Otto Halwas, Charlotte Hardt, Mike Pearson, Mrs. C. L. Blasin- game, W. F. Eichner, Hannelore Graf, Forrest Hardt and Ken Kiehn. 4-H class, blue ribbonsPaul Matsushita, Bob Evans and Mel- vin Doss; FHA class--Ione Rags- dale. Horses and Colts Blue ribbons--class I, 1. Les- lie Staley; 2. Marilyn Staley. Class II, 1. Janice Deking; 2. Marilyn Staley; 2. Dennis Dek- ing; 3. Kathy Schutz. Photography 4-H class, blue ribbons--A1- metia Andrews, Leland Light- body, Yvonne Knuth, Jay Heine- mann, Letha Lightbody, Shan- non Johnston and Robert Wells. Flower Show Blue ribbons  Mrs. Dick Youth Booths First premium--Ralston Ju- venile Grange with theme, l"Stairway to MatUrity." Sec- ond premium--Ritzville high school Future Farmers of Ameri- ca chapter with theme, "The Atomic 60' and the United 50." Field Crops Ron Danekas, Ritzville high school student and son of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Danekas, was crowned the 1960 Wheat King. Open class, rankings--barley sheaves, 1. Leland Lightbody; 1. Steve Taylor; 2. M. J. Kubik; 3. Leland Lightbody. Wheat sheaves, 1. R0n Dane- kas; 2. Leland Lightbody; 3. Merrol Ferderer. Wheat jars, 1. Ron Danekas, 2. M. J. Kubik; 3. Charles Clinesmith. Oats jars, 1. Charles Clinesmith. Burt wheat jars, 1. Wayne Anderson. Itana wheat jars, 1. Walter Johnson of Hatton. Beef Cattle Open angus, blue ribbons-- junior heifer, Dennis Wellsandt; junior bull, Dennis Wellsandt; summer yearling heifer, Mark Smith. Open hereford, blue ribbon-- Summer yearling, Pete Reimers. grand champion; Forrest Hardt. reserve; two females, H. J. Holli- day and son; fat steer, Mike Hol- liday; senior heifer calves, H. J. Holliday and son, reserve cham- pion; semor yearling heifer, H. J. Holliday and son, champion. Open shorthorn, blue ribbons --two year old bull, Beckley and Ki]lingsworth, reserve senior champion and reserve grand champion; senior yearling bull, Beckley and Killingsworth, sen- ior champion and grand cham- pion; junior yearling bull, Beck- icy and Killingsworth, reserve junior champion. Summer yearling bull, Beck- ley and Killingsworth; senior calf, Beckley and Killingsworth, junior champion; group of three bulls, Becklby and Killings- worth; group of two bulls bred and owned, Beckley and Kil- lingsworth. Two year qld heifer, Beckley and Killingsworth, senior cham- pion and grand champion; sen- ior yearling heifer, Jim Killings- worth, reserve "senior champion and reserve grand champion, Le- Roy Watson, junior ch%mpion. Junior heifer calf, Beckley and Killingsworth, reserve junior champion; two females bred and owned, Beckley and Killings- worth; get of sire, Beckley and Killingsworth; summer yearling heifer, Gerry Schoesler. 4-H angus -- early summer yearling heifer, Mark Smith. 4-H hereford--summer year- ling bull, Pete Reimers. and under, 1. Lynn Langford and Heiga Gra 2: Kathy Thaut and Judy Eekhardt; 3. Lorna Kutschkau and Margaret Bau- mann. 16 and under--1. Mari- anne Hull and Stacey Selcho; 2, Helga Graf and Lynn Lang- ford; 3, Judy Eckhardt and Kathy ,Thaut. Boys' three-legged raCe--10 and under, 1. Shaun Cross and Greg Larson; 2, Bobble Start- field and Jon Slipper; 3. Kevin Weyer and Randy Moore. 12 and under, 1. Butch Burroughs and Larry Anderson; 2. Elton Leislie and Dave Buehler; 3. Jerry Jneger and Tony Vostral. Pig chaseboys and girls 16 and under, Ronnie Schaefer and Ricky MoOre. Pet Parade First divisional. Kent and Debbie Liming; 2. Jack and Dean Schwisow; 3. Terry and Renea Brock. Second division-- 1. Ronald, Reannette and Marion Boese; 2. Vickie and Lorna 4-H shorthorn--summer year- Stockman, Mrs. James Cline-ling butl,Carol Killingsworth; smith, Mrs. Frank Sayre, Caro- senior yearling heifer, Jim Kil- olyn Baumann, David Ness, Con- lingsworth. nie Clinesmith, Marvin Cline- smith, Laurie Ness, Tamara Wellsandt, Roy Matsushita, Kay Clinesmith, Mrs. P. M. Janzen, Mrs. A. F, Schweer. Mrs, C. V. Stanfield, Mrs. Al- bert W01sborn, Mrs. Dick Stock- man, jr., Mrs. Ed Thorn, Mrs. Joyce Lund, Mrs. Marian Parish, Mrs. Ben Snyder, Yvonne Knuth, Mrs. W. ,G. Danekas and Mrs. B. H. Snyder. Garden Open and. 4-H classes, blue ribbons--beets, Mrs Jean Ar- restouilk; cantaloupe, Emma Heinemann; cabbage, Mrs. Mar- vinSclwisow; carrots, Mrs. Er- nest Templin; corn, John Oes, treich and Janice Low; cucum- bers, Gary Heinemann, Mrs. Marvin Schwisow, Mrs. Jean Ar- restouilk; kohlrabi, Emma Heinemann; onions, Emma 4-H feeder steers, blue ribbons --fat steers, all breeds compet- ing, 1. Mike Holliday; 2. Janet Telecky; 3. Jim Killingsworth; 4. Jay Heinemann. Feeder steers, all breeds competing, 1. Carol Killingsworth; 2. Don Saunders; 3. Jay Heinemann; 4. Kay Cline- smith. Fat steers, wheated ciassl. Mike Holliday; 2. Jay Heine- mann; 3. Kay Clinesmith; 4. Bev- erly Heinemann; 5. Roy Cline- smith. FFA shorthornheifer calves calved between September 1 and December 31, 1959, Jim Killings- worth, senior champion and grand champion, LeRoy Watson, blue ribbon; heifers calved be- tween May 1, 1958, and De- cember 3, 1959, LeRoy Watson, reserve champion; two females bred and owned, Leroy Watson, junior champion and reserve champion. Langenheder; 3. Vicki Staley. Heinemgnn. Third division--1. Sheryl and Parsnips, Emma Heinemann; Pamala Whitworth and Lexle pumpkin, Lenney Neace, Jeff Danekas; 2. David and Rennie Low; potatoes, Ronnie Rehn, Kubik; 3. Randal Dehnel.  Ernest Templin, Jay Heine: _ . ma; rhubarb, Mrs, Marvin Canned Foods s00hwisow; squash, Glen Shel- man, Shirley Killingsworth, Lin- Open class, blue ribbons---Lin- da Hughes, Mrs. P. iMsi Jan zen, da Kubik, peaches; Diane Rol- Jay nememann, nns ne jan- off, beets, apples; Beverly zen. green tomatoes, Jerry Heinemann, rhubarb,  pears, Kulm, raspberries, plums, jelly; Letha Watermelon, Emma Heine- Lightbody, dark cherries; Shar- mann, Kenny Neace; peppers, on Tschritter, light cherries; Mrs. Marvin Schwisow; egg- Mrs. L. D. GriffRh, beans, sour plant, Mrs. Marvin Schwisow; cherries, preserves, mixed rel- n beans, Mrs, Marvin Schwi- ish, asparagus; Mrs, John Hoff- sow; cauliflower, John Oes- man, tomatoes;. Marie Snyder, treich; broccoli, Mrs. Marvin sweet pickles; Gary Heinemann, Schwisow; strawberries, Mrs. sauerkraut; and IAllian Jennings Norman Krause; honey exfract- of Lind, miscellaneous, ed, Warren Smith; honey comb, 4-H class, blue ribbons-:Bev- Warren Smith. erley Hetnemann, Diane Roloff. Others, Jerry Tally, John Oes- FHA class, blue ribbonsLe- treich, Mrs. P. M. Janzen, War- tha Lightbody, Janet Teleky, ren Smith, Garret Templin; Sharon Tschritter and Carrie weeds, Jay Heinemann. Reimers. In the U and I sugar contest, Dog Exhibits Beverly Heinemann won first place and 50 pounds of sugar. Blue ribbonsMarylu Keister Diane Roloff won second place and Peggy Oestreieh. and 25 pounds of sugar. FFA feeder steer--Mike Holli- day, blue ribbon. FFA fat steer --Dennis Gering( blue ribbon. Dairy Cattle Open and 4'H class--junior aeifer calf, 1. Donald Fisher of Othello; 2. Vernon Ball of Othello. Cows three years and Onder four, Vernon Ball, cham- pion. Junior yearling heifer, Vernon Ball, grand champion. Cows four years and over, Beck- ley and Killingsworth, Charles Clinesmith. Senior calf, Alfred Heinemann. Junior yearling heifer, Vernon Ball. Senior yearling, Alfred Heinemann, Cows two years and under three, Alfred Heinemann. Junior heifer calf, Don Fisher. 4-H fitting and showing, beef 1. Kay Clinesmith; 2. Mark Smith; 3. Jim Killingsworth; 4. Don Saunders 5 Pat Summers of Othello. 4-H fitting and showing, dairy 1. Vrnon Ball; 2. Don Fisher. 4-H livestock jtdgingl.,Mar- jorie Neace, 428.8; 2. Don Fisher, 416:2; 3. Mark Smith, 415.2; 4. Kay Clinesmith, 413.2; 5. Bever- ly Heinemann, 409.5; 6. Pat Ceramics Community Booths Smasne: 395.4; 7. Mik00 Smasne, ' ' First pr6mium in the corn- 388.3; 8. Jim Killingsworth, blue ribbons---Lil- munity b6oth department was 385.4; 9. Jerry Johnson, 377.7; Jimmy Seivers,4; Mrs.4; Thiswn bYourBengeFarmWith aprogram.theme, "Isv,,, 10 Don Saunders, 370.2. on Swine i Re" 4,H fitting and showing Mike Smasne, Ron Krause and 7. United Sta emblem was de- Jay Heinemann, blue ribbons. M_r_ Roy signed using diffexent colors of n class, blue ribbons grc.on d eeter sow Mike Smasne, re- serve Chester boar Mike Smasne, 'Ron ship .desia .-' colored ----i. Haight. Chester sow, Mike Smasne, champion. Yorkshire sow over two years, Mike Smasne. Single fat hog, 1. Roxanne Haight; 2. Ron Krause; 3. Eddie Dene Haight; Jay Heinemann and Beverly Heinemann, blue ribbons. Wheaties, single fat hog--1. Ron Krause; 2. Beverly Hene- mann; 3. Jay Heinemann. Pen of three. 1. Roxanne Haight; 2 Ron Krause; 3. Eddie Dene Haight. Get of sire, 1. Rox- anne Haight; 2. Eddie Dene Haight. Produce of dam. four animals, 1. Roxanne Haiht: 2. Eddie Dene Haight; Ron Krause, blue ribbon. Boar farrowed after March 1, Jerry Johnson. Produce of dam, Jerry Johnson. Sow farrowed September 1, 1959, to February 28, 1960, Jay Franz, champion and reserve champion. Sheep 4-H class.--Dorset, Terry A1- lert. champmn. Ram. two years or older, Debra Jansen. Hamp- shire ewe lamb, Terry Allert, champion and reserve champmn. Fat lamb. Jay Heinemann, grand champion and reserve grand champion. Pen of three fat lambs, Terry Allert. FFA class-- Ram yearling, Jay Heinemann, reserve champion. Ewe lamb, Jay Heinemann, grand ehamplon. Ewe two or older, Jay Heinemann, reserve grand champion. Fat lamb, Ter- ry Allert, champion and reserve champion; Beverly Heinemann, blue ribbon. Pen of three--Jay Heinemann. Wheaties fat lamb contest 1. Terry Allert; 2. Kris Allert: 3. Jay Heinemann; 4. Beverly Heinemann. FFA fitting and showing, Beverly Heinemann. Debra Jansen, Terry Allert and Kris Allert. Poultry Blue ribbons--pen of three pullets. Sharon Bryan, Larry Jungblom, Royce Nutting and Richard Amen. One pullet, Ver- non Ball, Sharon Bryan, Larry Jungblom and Richard Amen. One cockerel, Sharon Bryan, Debra Jansen. One rooster, Sharon Bryan. Young chicken trio, Bob Sinipson. All bantams rof true breed, Bob Simpson. Miscellaneous poultry, Bob Simpson. (Continued on Page 5) A PYRAMID of men on two motorcycles was one of several events on a program a performance by a Seattle Veterans of Foreign Wars drill team. parade a4nd gave spectators a preview of the drills. RON DIKAS, RitzviUe high school FFA member and son of Mr. and'M2s. Bob Danekas, won the "Wheat King v' award at the fair this year. Otto Amen, superintendent of the field crops depart- ment, is shown presenting Danekes a plaque. The team also drove i CARLA NUTTING of Lind and Kay Clinesmith of winners of the 4-H dress review at the American ! nesday evening. They are shown modeling two of they made. Both will represent the county at the GIRL SCOUTS of Rivtlle and v touched down Main avenue In the  plac thtzd in the youth divblo i